Spring 2023

  • A Division: American Son Film Analysis / by Gabriella Campos [PDF]
  • Things Are Not Always What They Seem: Where the Crawdads Sing Film Analysis/ by Gracie Guy [PDF]
  • Factors Contributing to Invisible Disability Disclosure in the Workplace: Interventions and Resources / by Hollis Haby [PDF]
  • Cognitive Abilities / by Makayla Delgado [PDF]
  • The Behavior of Cultural Differences Toward Strangers Between East and West / by Seongjeong Yim [PDF]
  • Examining How Political Affiliation and Sex-Role Attitudes Relate to Perceptions of Gendered Advertisements / by Gracie Guy [PDF]
  • How Witnessing Another Person’s Weight Loss Relates to Physical and Psychological Health / by Rocky Ybarra [PDF]
  • Blindness in Media: Addition and Subtraction / by Jackson Palafox [PDF]